Prayer Requests

Kim k. Post
December 14, 2011
I Kim desperately need you prayer warriors to pray for with me and for me for miraculous healing of Jesus my Saviour and so miraculous that I will NOT need that caustic chemo because my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit and I claim Psalm 91 God's promises for a long healthy life and Psalm118-17 that I will live and NOT die because God wants me to live and Jeremiah 30 that God is healing Kim's wounds and Romans 4-17 I Kim am calling into existence perfect health and miraculous healing Amen and Amen
Kim k. Post
December 14, 2011
Christina h. Post
September 4, 2011
I have lost my.job,will loose my apartment.i lost a frienship that I cherished,would like it ti be mended. I fallen into a deep depression.feel like I wont be able to go on..please pray for me..god bless
Anonymous Anonymous Post
April 27, 2011
Please include me and my family on prayers. Thanks
Ann B. Post
April 11, 2011
Need to have director at work replaced because the one we have is abusive to all of us and causing an extremley hostile work envoronment. It is causing horrible stress for workers. He yells and is very demeaning to everyone even after we have been to HR. Please pray God intervenes so that we are taken care of with jobs. We need a miracle
Seth M. Post
March 15, 2011
I'm joining the US Army. Tomorrow I'll start talking to the recruitor about jobs, and soon after that I'll be signing a contract for a job, and writing my top 3 choices for deployment. Please pray for wisdom, guidance with that. Pray that God will guide both me and the recruitor in discussing jobs and choosing the right one. Pray that if possible, if it's wise, I'll be able to get a quick-ship job, and get deployed very soon (with the way things are, I might get better options that way). Pray for the right doors to open, and the right jobs to be available. Pray that everywhere I send this prayer request God will draw a lot of powerful prayer warriors to pray fervently, with faith for this, as God leads.
Seth M. Post
February 7, 2011
íve just moved to a new city about 1800 miles away; I feel that God has led me here, and I believe Godís leading me to get a job with a certain prayer/outreach ministry here. Iíve noticed several jobs they offer, and Iím sure there are many other jobs I donít yet know about. Please pray that God will lead me in the right direction, to apply for the right job in this ministry, and pray that Heíll fully open the door for me to get that job. Pray that Heíll clear out that opening. Also, right before I left for this city, I put my clothes in the public wash, and I think they were stolen. My finances are low, and I donít feel comfortable applying in the clothes I have. Pray that God will guide me in getting clothes, and provide them (bring them to second-hand stores, etc.) that Heíll provide for me financially, and that Heíll guide me in what to wear, and guide me and help me in the whole application process, and in the interview. Also, Iíve written up an unspoken prayer request on a sheet of paper; please pray that God will fully, powerfully answer it.
Seth M. Post
January 23, 2011
Iím moving to a different city, and Iíve just payed the first monthís rent in the new place. Please pray that God will help me with packing my car--what to bring and what not to. Itís a 3-4 day drive, and Iíll be camping out. Pray for good weather. Pray that Iíll sleep well during this move. Pray for guidance on what route to take--that Iíll take a safe route. Pray that my car will be fuel efficient, that it will handle the road well, and that Iíll drive safely. Pray for wisdom on bringing food, and that Iíll have minimum stops on the road. Pray that Iíll connect well with the people in that house. Pray that Iíll get a job soon after I arrive, and pray for guidance on that. Pray that God will protect my finances and provide for me abundantly during this move, and that many of my bills and expenses will be cut down or eliminated. Pray that every prayer chain I send this to God will draw a lot of powerful prayer warriors to pray for it.
Seth M. Post
January 13, 2011
I've written up a prayer request on a sheet of paper. I really need prayer for these things, but I can't discuss it. Pray that God will fully, powerfully answer everything I've asked for on that sheet, according to His will.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 7, 2011
I am requesting a prayer for a cottage to move into soon like really soon with large windows natural sunlight view and peaceful
with warmth and cozy with space storage for my belongings and can keep warm. I am requesting a job asap that I am honored and respected and will work and I am paid well for my skills and we get along very well and it is supportive. I want to be stressfree at my job, school, and place to live. I am ready for a car or easier transportation. I am ready now for a dental implant asap.
I am ready for funds for teeth to be cleaned and ease in my life. NEVER SAY NEVER!!! Believe in possiblity or Dwell in Possiblity I am praying I can dwell I can make it through this challenge. I need movers to help me move out before January 29th and a place to go. AMEN! Happy EPIPATHY! ariel

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