Prayer Requests

Todd C. Post
April 4, 2010
Please pray for me TMC and My love JMC We have been together for 2 and half years. We are currently involved in a misunderstanding and desperately need reconciliation Please pray that JMC's heart softens and the love we share comes back stronger. Please also pray that JMC stays true and doesn't cheat on me while we are separated. Thank you so much.
Seth M. Post
April 2, 2010
I have a very important prayer request that I've just written up on a sheet of paper. Pray that God will fully and powerfully answer it. Also, pray that God will purify my heart around this issue.
rachael c. Post
January 19, 2010
admission into high institution.healing for my yuonget brother
leisa m. Post
January 3, 2010
please pray for me an my family, leisa mcgilvery my mom jessie frison my 3 kids bertram, jakedria, kameo frierson who is n tha hospital an thank u pastor 4 commin 2 vist god bless u an ur family
Just a new member of the church M. Post
December 12, 2009
Theresa Momanyi.
Please kindly requesting for special prayer my aunt come to visit her kids three weeks ago and felt sick within a day she passed. special as we arrange for the body to be taken home.God bless.Thanks
December 3, 2009
plz you all pray for me because i am strucked in my own problems...
richard ejaz
Anonymous Anonymous Post
December 2, 2009
My boyfriend Chris is a recovering alcoholic. He also suffers from severe anxiety and severe depression. He recently relapsed and is smoking pot and drinking. Please pray that he wants to stop again and go back to AA. Please pray that he gets sober and healthy. Please also pray that he finds the right combination of medication or whatever he needs that will make his severe depression and anxiety go away. Please pray that he gets sober again right away and permanently and he embraces and likes AA and gets a sponsor and works the program. Please pray that he realizes how bad the drinking and drugs are for him very soon and gets sober again.
Emily M. Post
May 30, 2009
Good Morning, I would like to ask if your congregation could pray for my adult son who I think is abusing drugs...Of course he is in denial, but I know he is. He is going through a difficult time in his life right now, but he's choosing drugs over his family. He is making everyone that loves him miserable and he is unable to see that. I've done all that I can do and all I can do is keep praying for him. I'm at my wits end..I go to bed and wake up thinking about him of how he could end up dead someday. Just please pray for him that he will realize soon what he is doing is hurting him and everyone else. His name is Chris..his wife is expecting a baby in November...

Thanks for listening to me. Also pray for me that I can stop being his enabler.

God Bless!

Anonymous Anonymous Post
September 16, 2008
Pray for your Pastor he's a man of conviction and love for the Lord...Pray for each other.
James 5:16 NIV
mary l. Post
March 11, 2008
Let us continue to pray for committment and an increase in our service to The Lord.

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